Here are a few short stories I’ve written:

1. The guy with 4 arms

2. I love you deer

3. [Ad] Hire Friends! – Friendly Companions

4. आई ऍम अ पब्लिक बाथरूम

Here’s a 15 part novella that I’m writing. It’s a sci-fi called Cryogenic Rejuvenation.

Cryogenic Rejuvenation

Chapter 1: The return to life
Chapter 2: The fear of dying again
Chapter 3: Encyclopaedia of disasters (Same page as chapter 2 following it.)
Chapter 4: The never-ending hunger
Chapter 5: The wildlife of Ranga
Chapter 6: The technological Heart Attack
Chapter 7: An Algocratic Government

Wait for more short stories… 🙂